The Azure Portal App

This will just be a quick post to highlight the Azure Portal App.

Previously, there were two options to manage Azure resources:

  1. The Azure Portal (
  2. The Azure Mobile App (Available on iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore)

However, more recently, the Azure Portal App for Windows was introduced.

It is available at the following link: (Direct Download:

As you can see, it still seems to be in preview, but don’t let that hold you back from using it! I’ve been using it for a while, and its great – really fast too!

This app is ideal to use in scenarios where there are browser restrictions.

Installation Steps

Once you’ve downloaded the AzurePortalInstaller.exe you will need to run the executable

The application will install, and can be found in your Windows 10 Start Menu:

Upon launching the Azure Portal app, you will be prompted to login with your Azure credentials:

Once logged in, you can then use this app to manage all your Azure resources the same way as you would in the portal or mobile app:

And there you go, no messing about with browsers etc. Simply launch the app, and get straight to work!

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